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5Y HP eCarePack DL360p G8 CTR+DMR Proac. (U2Z97E)

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  • 5Y HP eCarePack DL360p G8 CTR+DMR Proac. - Aperçu 1

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Validité: 5 ans, Domaine d'application: serveur, Type de service: extension de la garantie, Type de produit: option de garantie  Description détaillée
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Manufacturer's warranty extension for HP ProLiant DL360p G8

5-year call-to-repair (CTR) on-site service with DMR (Defective Media Retention)*
Hardware recovery within 6 to 8 hours, depending on location
Availability: 24 x 7

HP Proactive Care:
- Enhanced support directly from Germany (Advanced Solution Center in the DACH region
instead of Standard Solution Center in Sofia)
- Analysis and recommendations for firmware and software patches
- Collaborative Support offers basic support and call management for popular third-party software
- Insight Remote Support provides automated monitoring (proactive scans)
Optional: personal account manager

* HP Defective Media Retention Service allows you to keep your storage media in the event of repairs to guarantee maximum protection of sensitive data.

***** Important *****
The service contract is only activated upon registration!

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    Validité:5 ans
    Domaine d'application:serveur
    Type de service:extension de la garantie
    Type de produit:option de garantie

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